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Big Fat Family Day – Sports Day Addition

Big Fat Family Day at Leith Arches is a free community day, to bring together families to share in some fun!

Each month, we have a different theme, this months is SPORTS DAY! To celebrate (or commiserate, whatever way you want to look at it!) the start of the school summer holidays! We’ll be hosting some classic sports day games & activities, including egg (potato) and spoon race, sack race, hoopla and throwing to name a few! The family with the most points at the end, will win a fabulous prize (oooooh!)

We’ll also have Roaming Quiz Man returning with his family favourite quiz! It’s £2 entry, which will go towards the cash prize at the end. There are also Leith Arches Cafe/Bar vouchers up for grabs!

Brunch will also be served by our neighbouring van, Bandits Burgers, and snacks provided by us too!

We will also be having a music jam session taking place from 4pm, so if you want to stay after and listen to some of Edinburgh’s finest musicians, we’d love to keep your space cosy for you!


02 07 23


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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